It is quite surprising how some villages close to a major pole of tourist attraction like Assisi can differ from it.
No streams of pilgrimms nowadays crowd their streets, no hordes of screaming students or tourists disturb the quite life of these villages.
Spello  is characterized by its naturally pink stones, its streets look like a piece of art thanks to the care of the people and the decorations with flowerpots in every corner.
Here Pinturicchio left one of the greatest achivements of Renaissance art and along with Perugino and many other artists embellished this as well as some other churches and buildings.
In Montefalco instead the views from this perfectly located village along with its cobbled streets, its spiderweb shaped layout not to mention the stunning frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli, collaborator of fra Angelico, will make you feel like under a timeless spell.
Stepping across one of the gates in Bevagna you will be completely bewitched by its beauty. Here layers of history bear witness to the time when the village was a foundamental place on one of the main arteries of the Roman empire as well as to the Middle Ages.
The structures supporting the old Roman theatre, its marvellous churches, the charm of its streets and the flair of its squre are just some of the beauties that you will enjoy in Bevagna.

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